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Jul 25, 2023 | News & Updates

The final quarter of the season is upon us now and there are many divisions that are running right up to the 31st May (End of Season). You will have noticed that mid week matches are being scheduled in May. Where there are divisions that have no contingency we will have no option than to schedule mid week matches in April and will schedule multiple mid week matches when required.

It is vitally important that when faced with a postponement that your Club tries every possibility to ensure that the scheduled fixture goes ahead. Give as much notice as possible for potential postponements. Please look at the fixture calendar for each team to realise the impact of that postponement not only for your team but the Division overall.

Look ahead to where you can pull fixtures forward especially for teams who are lagging behind with fixtures in their division. Teams who can see a title win do not sit back and hope that it will all unfold. Call it out and we will see where we can work with the clubs to advance or move fixtures to avoid failure within league rules. We are monitoring the fixtures closely and will contact Clubs directly, if we feel fixtures are not being fulfilled promptly.

We made it clear at the start of the season that we will not extend past 31st May 2023 and any fixtures not played by that point will be void no matter the outcome to that team. This will also apply to the cup fixtures, we will not extend past the set cup final dates all teams will have to have completed their fixture rounds.