2024-2025 Season Team Entry Forms all Leagues

Please complete the relevant League form to enter your teams for next season.  

IMPORTANT: Please note that there will not be a separate Saturday League for U14s to U16s next season.  This will now be incorporated into the WJFL for those age groups.  Please indicate on the form when entering your teams at U14s, U15s and U16s only what day you wish them to play: Saturday, Sunday or Both.  We would strongly encourage Clubs to consider playing these age groups on both days, where possible.

Deadline for submission is on or before midnight on  Tuesday 30 April

New Clubs wishing to enter the League for the first time please contact the relevant League Secretary by email.

WJFL: secretary@thewjfl.co.uk

WGFL: girlssecretary@thewjfl.co.uk


Entry Forms for Existing Clubs